Barbra Streisand Rejects James Brolin's Plan to Decorate Bathroom With Tabloid Headlines

During an appearance on 'The Talk', the 'Life in Pieces' actor admits that he comes up with the idea in the first place since he finds reports about their rumored marriage troubles 'so funny'.

AceShowbiz - Barbra Streisand banned her husband James Brolin from decorating their bathroom with unfounded tabloid reports about their rumoured marriage troubles.

The couple celebrated its 20th wedding anniversary last summer (18), but the stars have long been dogged by false claims of drama behind closed doors, and Brolin has come to enjoy reading what gossips create, so he has saved scraps from magazines and newspapers over the years.

"The Amityville Horror" actor reveals he wanted to plaster the tabloid articles all over one of the bathrooms in their California home, but Barbra quickly shot down the quirky idea.

"When we were doing some remodelling, I asked her if I could take all these (tabloid) covers and stories and paper a bathroom with them. I just think they're so funny...," he told TV show "The Talk". "(She said) no to the wallpaper, so I still have a stack of boxes..."

However, Brolin, 78, is still holding out hope to put his collection to use in some way, shape, or form.

"I've got covers and stories and stuff that I'm saving, so one day, maybe I'll build an outhouse!" he laughed.

The longtime couple met on a blind date back in July 1996 and tied the knot exactly two years later, and James frequently shares his secret to their happy union, insisting it's all about patience and understanding - and marriage counselling.

"I do believe in counselling if anybody ever has a problem in their marriage," he told Entertainment Tonight in early 2018. "Bring in a referee, talk it over, and I swear to you, it will dispel by the end of the session, each time! Sometimes, in a tough marriage, it's tough to talk, but if you do, it works!"

James should know - he was married twice before, first to the late Jane Cameron Agee, the mother of his daughter Jess and actor son Josh Brolin, and then to his "Hotel" co-star Jan Smithers, the mother of his daughter Molly.

Barbra was also a divorcee when she began dating James, following her failed union to actor Elliott Gould. They share son Jason Gould.

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