Charlize Theron Learns to Trust Her Instincts From Harvey Weinstein Sex Scandal
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In an interview piece for Elle Magazine, the ‘Tully’ star explains why she was not surprised when details of the film producer’s sexual misconducts were exposed.

AceShowbiz - The Harvey Weinstein sex scandal has taught Charlize Theron to trust her instincts about people.

The actress insists she was never one of the producer's alleged sexual misconduct or harassment victims, but she was far from surprised when details of his bad behaviour were exposed in The New York Times and the New Yorker articles a year ago, leading to his downfall.

"When I look back and think about my experience with him, how I felt about him - we don't wanna just go by assumption - but there were definite things," the Oscar winner tells Elle.

"It's made me look at trusting (my) instincts better. This is a moment for all of us to re-educate ourselves. Not just men, but women, too."

Charlize was among the first wave of women to go public with her thoughts about Harvey, shortly after he was exposed as an alleged serial predator.

She took to Instagram in October, 2017, and wrote: "The women who have spoken about their abuse are brave and heroic and although I didn't have a personal experience like this with Harvey Weinstein, I unfortunately cannot say I'm surprised."

"This culture has always existed, not just in Hollywood, but across the world."

"Men in positions of power have gotten away with it for far too long. We cannot blame the victims here. A lot of these women are young, just starting out in their respective fields, and have absolutely no way to stand up to a man with so much influence, much greater than theirs."

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