A Nun Involved in Katy Perry Lawsuit Reveals She's Broke

An 80-year-old nun says she's broke after facing legal battle with the 'Firework' singer over the purchase of a convent that she and other nuns have owned for more than 40 years.

AceShowbiz - Sister Rita Callanan said that the years-long legal battle with Katy Perry has made her broke. The 80-year-old nun found herself in hopeless position after she and other nuns were sent to retirement homes and their bank accounts were closed.

In 2005, Archbishop was supposedly given permission by the Vatican to take control of the convent. In July the same year, Royal Catholic Archbishop of Los Angeles (RCA), headed by Archbishop Jose Gomes, sold the convent to the 32-year-old singer for $10 million as the Archbishop claimed that the convent is under RCA ownership, Daily Mail reported.

However, two nuns claimed that the convent has been the Order's property for 45 years and it's their right to sell it. Sister Rita said, "He claimed that Rome gave him permission, now we did a lot of research and Rome has done research, and these claims, this letter to give him authority was not from Rome, but a friend of the archbishop's."

In addition, according to Sister Rita, Sir Daniel Donohue and his wife Countess Bernardine Murphy Donohue gave the property to the sisters in 1950s. Then, they pooled their money together and was able to pay it off for approximately $626,000 over three years.

She said, "All these years of my religious life, I would never have expected to be fighting an archbishop to keep our own property and money, so we can care for ourselves. We don't want the archbishop handling our money." She also opened up that the Archbishop started sending them to retirement homes one by one separately.

The nun, who had hundreds of thousands in the bank a few years ago, revealed in the interview that she has diabetes and breast cancer. She said, "I have health issues, I have diabetes and breast cancer. They don't pay some of the bills on time, I said when it comes to this sort of insurance, you have to pay it. I don't know if I'm covered, I'm supposed to be, that's all I know. Sister Catherine Rose had an unpaid medicine bill for £500 [approximately $696] then she made out a check to the pharmacy and it bounced. It's horrible."

She continued, "He is claiming he's taking care of us, that's not true. We send bills up there and they don't get paid. I get my stipend, but it's not leaving my[sic] enough for living expenses for the way the cost of living has risen groceries. I pay automobile costs, supermarket fees, magazine subscriptions, and also running a house isn't cheap. I've got family members who are very sick, close family members have died including my own sister, there's so many things, it's just punishment."

All this time, the sisters had raised fund to help them win the battle. She also commented about the death of her friend, "On March 9th, 2018 we tragically lost Sister Catherine Rose, my beloved fellow IHM Sister and original organizer of this GoFundMe campaign. She was my cherished partner in this ongoing legal battle to keep our convent. It is now more important than ever to continue this fight and for our cause to prevail."

Now, Sister Rita lives at a tiny convent attached to St Bernadette's Catholic Church in Los Angeles. The convent is a depressing building, gray and cold, not even a hundredth of the size of their spiritual home.

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