Jamie Dornan Admits He Once Glued a Wig Hair to His 'Private Parts' to Impress Girls

The Christian Grey depicter also shares that the hair-removal process was 'physically and emotionally' painful.

AceShowbiz - Jamie Dornan may have claimed the status of sex symbol after playing Christian Grey in the "Fifty Shades" franchise, but it appears that his adolescent sex life was as awkward as most people's. During his recent appearance on "The Graham Norton Show", the actor shared an embarrassing experience from when he was 15.

While sitting with fellow celebrities Helen Mirren and Liam Neeson, Dornan said that he was a "late developer" who "looked about 7." Thus, he desperately tried to look older at a party he attended after appearing in a play, in which he had a "black, very acrylic, highly flammable wig" glued to his face to make him look order.

It appeared that he decided to keep the wig and make more use out of the accessory in case he "got lucky." Dornan said, "I might meet a girl and maybe she drops a hand, so I had the idea to maybe cut off some extra hair. So I went into the dressing room, I went into like the toilet, and cut off this like very curly jet black hair."

After sticking the wig to his crotch area with UHU glue, he stood "in front of the mirror going, 'That looks alright.' Just the length you go to." Dornan then recalled kissing a girl at the party and "sort of really urging her to sort of, you know, without forcing her, urging her to sort of go down... for one night only, 'cause that seemed quite an impressive place to put your hand."

The "Fifty Shades of Grey" actor eventually didn't get to have sex with the girl, but it turned out that he was thankful for that. "Anyway, that didn't happen and actually, thank God it didn't 'cause I got home -- it was a car crash down here," he recalled.

When Mirren asked Dornan if the removal process was painful, he answered that it was a "physically and emotionally painful experience!" He concluded his story, "I did actually have about three pubes, naturally developed pubes. They went as soon as I..." The audience laughed upon hearing his remarks.

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