Kanye West Feels 'Infuriated' With the Way Beyonce and Jay-Z Are Treating Kim Kardashian

'It drives Kanye insane,' an insider says of the 'Gold Digger' rapper, who allegedly feels very uneasy with how his former friends are treating his reality TV star wife.

AceShowbiz - Seems like there's no end to the longtime feud between Kanye West and Jay-Z. In the midst of their ongoing beef, Kanye feels "infuriated" his former friends Jay and Beyonce Knowles refuse to treat his wife Kim Kardashian with respect, according to a new report from HollywoodLife.com.

A source has told the webloid that Kanye is very uneasy with the way Jay and Bey are treating his reality TV star wife. "It drives Kanye insane that Beyonce treats Kim like she's inferior and not worthy of her friendship, it infuriates him," the source says. "Kanye is fiercely protective of his family and feels that by dissing Kim, he's being dissed, too."

"As far as Kanye is concerned, Beyonce has no right to look down her nose at Kim," the source continues, before adding, "sure she's a reality TV star, but she's also a wildly successful businesswoman and a self-made multi-millionaire."

The source explains that "the way Beyonce has been towards Kim is definitely a bone of contention for Kanye, and when it comes to any future relationship with Jay-Z it's a real sticking point." The source adds that the "Gold Digger" rapper "feels that unless Beyonce and Jay-Z are willing to treat his wife with the respect he believes she deserves then he has no desire to make nice with either of them."

This comes after Kim came face-to-face with Bey at mutual pal Serena Williams's wedding to Alexis Ohanian in New Orleans last weekend. But Kanye skipped the nuptials allegedly to avoid "awkward" run-in with Bey after he went off to both the "Formation" hitmaker and Jay during his 2016 Sacramento concert.

"It was no accident that Kanye chose to avoid Serena's wedding. Kanye is not particularly close with Serena, or her husband, who are more Kim's friends so Kanye opted out of what he felt may be an awkward evening for him," a source previously told HollywoodLife.com. "Kanye knew that Beyonce, a close friend of Serena's, would likely be at the wedding which might make for an uncomfortable situation."

"Kanye still has a lot of unresolved issues with Beyonce and her husband," the source continued. "So, Kanye told Kim that he was going to sit this one out as to prevent causing a scene and risk stealing attention away from Serena's big day, which Kim agreed was the smart decision."

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