Watch Britney Spears Hilariously Call Out a Drunk Fan During Concert

The concertgoers erupted in laughter as the songstress made a funny face after exposing a drunk fan onstage during her residency in Las Vegas.

AceShowbiz - Britney Spears called out a drunk fan during her "Piece of Me" Las Vegas residency on Wednesday, August 30. She asked a concertgoer named Shawn to join her onstage and dance to her 2007 song "Freakshow". At the end of the performance, the pop diva walked over to him and said, "Why, hello! Are you okay?"

Seemingly confused, Shawn replied, "Huh?" after staring down at the floor for a few seconds. As Britney took a step closer to him to sign a T-shirt that was given to him, she exclaimed, "Oh, my goodness. You smell like you have a lot of alcohol on your breath."

The audience at Planet Hollywood soon erupted in laughter as some dancers escorted Shawn off the stage. "Jesus Christ!" the "Toxic" hitmaker jokingly said while making a funny face before resuming her set with a performance of her 2004 hit "Do Something".

It wasn't the first time Britney called out a fan for having too much fun at her concert. Back in 2009, she halted her Vancouver show after the first three songs when she smelled marijuana smoke in the air. She resumed the show but as it came to an end, she told the crowd, "Thank you Vancouver. You guys have a wonderful night. Drive safe, don't smoke weed and rock out with your c**t out. Peace motherf**kers."

The 35-year-old singer has been making a number of headlines during her residency. Last month, she surprised fans as she belted out a live rendition of Bonnie Raitt's "Something to Talk About". The performance was presumably a response to critics who have accused her of lip-syncing during her tour.

In the middle of the performance, Britney told the crowd, "I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, right? This morning I woke up... looked at the news, lot of things going on in the world and stuff. One minute they tear you down, and that's really horrible, and the next minute you're on top of the world, but I've never really spoke about it. I'm a Southern girl, I'm from Louisiana. I'm from the South, and I like to keep it real, so I just want to make sure I keep having you motherf**kers something to talk about."

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