Max Landis Launches Twitter Rant Amid His 'Sexist' Comments on 'Arrival'

The 'Chronicles' scribe posts a series of tweets to defend himself after being accused of 'attacking another popular genre film with a female protagonist.'

AceShowbiz - Max Landis has defended himself after being accused of "attacking another popular genre film with a female protagonist." It was Vanity Fair who labelled him as a "sexist" following his comments on Amy Adams' recently-released sci-fi flick "Arrival".

" 'Arrival' 's 'emotional' subplot and relationships are among the least earned I've ever seen in a wide release movie," his comments read.

Landis posted a series of tweets on Sunday, November 13 to say that the publication was an "actual pathetic journalism that involves skipping all the movies [he's] liked with female protags this year." The controversial writer said in one post, "You're supposed to be a real publication, not some clickbait bulls**t."

Landis went on to say that the report was "an attack on [his] character for NOT LIKING A MOVIE. Did not attack anyone, creators, women, ANYONE." The "Chronicles" scribe wrote in another post, "I wonder if there'll ever be a clickbait article that's a feminist take on the movies I've had made so far. It would be interesting."

While the news outlet said that "perhaps if he's so unimpressed with the critically and commercially successful female characters and storylines in genre fare these days, Landis should show us one of his own," the writer stressed that he did have several movies that featured female protagonists as the heroes.

"In 'Mr. Right', 'American Ultra' and 'Me Him Her' an argument could be made that the female protag is the hero of each story," he pointed out. "In all three, the male characters are ultimately bumblers, who lose their showdowns with the villains only to be saved by women."

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