Nicole Richie Doesn't Regret Her Wild Past: I Was Just 'Being Me'

The reality TV star says she's not going to apologize for the mistakes she made in the past because the experiences actually taught her a lot about confidence.

AceShowbiz - Before she got married and gave birth to two children, you know Nicole Richie as singer Lionel Richie's daughter who lived a glamourous life with her BFF and "The Simple Life" co-star Paris Hilton. She struggled for years with a heroin addiction in the past and was even busted for DUI in 2006, but she doesn't regret her wild lifestyle.

"It is no secret that I have, at times, taken advantage of my time on this planet. And as much as I have to look at those moments and learn from them, as we all do, it's important for me to have gratitude for that time, too. Not shame. Being ashamed of your life is not OK," she wrote on Lena Dunham's Lenny Letter on Tuesday, October 25.

"I realized I am actually extremely thankful I was so beastly in front of the world for a few reasons," she continued. "It's so bad in people's minds that there's nothing that can embarrass me now. I got a little surprise gift of freedom! I also truly believe if I didn't have so many eyes on me, it would've been easier for me to slip back into my reckless behavior. I had people rooting me on and watching me at a time when I needed that."

She added that she's "not going to apologize for being me." She ended the post saying that her past taught her that she had to confidently be herself. "So as a mom at a school, as an actor on a comedy series, as a designer at Fashion Week, I don't have to worry that I won't fit into expectations," she said.

"But rather, my inner acceptance and peace will allow my true self to shine through and carry me along," she continued. "I've been given many titles: Wild child. Reality star. White-washed black girl. Skinny. Rich. (I guess the last two aren't so bad.) Now, at 35, the only titles I am taking on are the ones I give myself."

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