Mariah Carey's Brother Claims She Abandons Her Own Family: She Only Cares About Herself

Morgan Carey calls the 'Infinity' singer a 'monster' and criticizes her for mistreating their troubled sister Alison, who was recently arrested on prostitute charges.

AceShowbiz - Mariah Carey's estranged brother has some harsh words to say about the singer following their troubled sister Alison Carey's arrest for prostitution. Speaking to Inside Edition, Morgan Carey accuses his youngest sister of abandoning her own family and mistreating Alison, who is also a drug addict and HIV positive.

"Mariah doesn't care about anyone other than herself, and it's always been that way," Morgan complains. When the interviewer points out that Mariah has in the past spent "hundreds of thousands of dollars" to support Alison and her kids, Morgan responds, "She's given a heroin addict money in the past. Is that helpful?"

"Let's make sure Alison's needs are met. But not in a way that she's enabled to go off and do damage to herself," he continues.

Morgan, interestingly, used to be very close to Mariah until they stopped talking to each other years ago. The 51-year-old even says that he's pretty instrumental in the diva's career. "There wouldn't be a Mariah Carey if it hadn't been for me," he tells IE.

He now lives in Florence, Italy with his wife to stay away from Mariah as he fears retaliation from his famous sister and her fans for speaking out. "It's about protecting this fiction she has created, this image she has created, it's about keeping the darkest secrets covered up," he adds.

Alison was arrested a few days ago on prostitute charges after she was caught performing a sexual act in a motel in Upstate New York. She has now been released from jail after posting $1,000 bail.

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