Deadpool Makes Surprise Appearance in 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Japanese Trailer

Deadpool appears in post-credits scenes in the Japanese trailer of the latest 'X-Men' movie to deliver 'five things you may have missed' in the footage.

AceShowbiz - Deadpool makes a surprise appearance in the Japanese version of "X-Men: Apocalypse" trailer. The Merc with a Mouth spoofs the whole post-credit scenes trend and promotes his own film "Deadpool" which was released earlier this month in Japan theaters.

"Oh, hi Japan! Deadpool here, surprised?" he begins. "I know what you're thinking. An after-credits scene for a trailer? I thought they only did that for movies, right? Well, not everyone makes it to the end of Fox movies, so now we're doing it after trailers," he explains his appearance in the trailer.

Portrayed by Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool delivers "five things you may have missed" in the film trailer. The first is that Apocalypse "kicks Professor X's ass for forgetting to wake him up before he go-go." The second is a major plot twist during which "Quicksilver discloses to Mystique that Magneto is his father."

He then compares Psylocke, a "hot-looking girl using a super-powered katana," to Deadpool, a "horrible-looking man using a katana." He points out that they're "twinsies." He later likens Wolverine's claws to Japanese Ginsu knives. As for the fifth fun fact, it is the real reason he appears in the trailer. He promotes his own movie, "Deadpool", which was released in Japan on June 1.

"X-Men: Apocalypse" will hit Japan theaters on August 11.

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