Michael Keaton Caught on Camera Putting Away His Oscar Acceptance Speech After Losing

The 'Birdman' actor was spotted putting a white note card back into his pocket after learning that Eddie Redmayne was the winner of the Best Actor award.

AceShowbiz - A Vine video of Michael Keaton putting away his acceptance speech at the Oscars on Sunday night, February 22 has gone viral. The video is captioned with, "Saddest moment of the night was Michael Keaton putting his speech back in his pocket after realizing he lost #Oscars #oscars2015."

In the video, the "Birdman" actor can be seen pulling out a white note card from his pocket when the Best Actor in a Leading Role was announced. When Cate Blanchett mentioned Eddie Redmayne instead of him as the winner, Michael is seen looking down in disappointment then quickly putting the note back into his pocket while the entire room are seen applauding Eddie.

Another video obtained by Mail Online shows a moment before the announcement when the five nominated actors including Benedict Cumberbatch, Steve Carell and Bradley Cooper are being filmed. As the presenter mentioned Eddie's name, Michael can be seen tucking the note into his armpit before clapping his hands.

Although Michael lost in Best Actor category, his movie "Birdman" took home Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay and Cinematography.

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