Possible Descriptions for First 'Dark Shadows' Teaser and Trailer Unveiled

The teaser is said to highlight more on the comedic aspect of the film, while the full-length trailer reportedly will focus on Depp's longtime enmity with his ex-lover that is played by Eva Green.

AceShowbiz - Warner Bros. Pictures hasn't confirmed when the first teaser and trailer for Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows" will arrive, but possible descriptions for the anticipated sneak peeks have already landed online. A source, who claimed to have watched not just one but two potential trailers for the movie, shared to Comic Book Movie details of the scenes that will be featured in both promo videos.

In the first footage, which is said to be the teaser, [SPOILER ALERT!] %cJohnny Depp% is seen having his mouth "literally soaked with blood". Though so, the movie is "being marketed as a kind of comedy." It is said that audience will hear the sound of a car and Depp shouts at it, "Show yourself Satan!"

Another funny moment will come from Depp's remarks to %cEva Green%, "You may strategically place your wonderful lips upon my posterior and kiss it repeatedly." There is also a scene where Depp finds out that %cChloe Moretz% is 15-year-old and exclaims, "And no husband? You must put those birthing hips to good use at once lest your womb shrivel up and die."

It is said that the first footage features less horror scenes, though there is one that shows Depp being covered in blood and another one that sees Green using her magic to open a curtain so that the sunlight could reach Depp, who then shrieks in horror.

The second video is reported to be the full-length trailer of the movie. It opens with a narration by Depp as he recalls how he gets cursed by Green, who destroys all he loves. Turning him into a vampire, Green puts him in a chained coffin and buries him alive. It then cuts to a scene when the coffin opens, and Depp comes out yawning.

Asking %cJackie Earle Haley% what is the year, Deep soon discovers it is 1972 and is left shocked by McDonald's sign. It goes on to follow him as he returns to Collins Mansion and meets his family. %cHelena Bonham Carter% asks him, "Who the hell is this?", and he replies, "I am a vampire madam." %cJonny Lee Miller% chimes in, "Yeah."

When Depp later cleans up his fangs in a bathroom, he finds out he has no reflection in the mirror. Then, Moretz asks, "He's not staying with us forever, is he?", and her brother replies, "I like him." After %cMichelle Pfeiffer% says, "Welcome home Barnabas Collins", Moretz slams shut the door with a "Keep Out" sign.

It then follows to a scene where Deep sees a TV and asks, "What sorcery is this?" He later rips open the TV's back panel and yells at it, "Reveal yourself tiny songstress!" Moretz goes on telling him, "Are you stoned or something?" Suddenly Green walks in as Depp says, "Her name summons vomit to the recesses of my mouth." She replies, "Ooooh no one talks like you anymore Barnabas."

In another scene, Green is seen threatening Depp, "If I can't have you, I'll destroy you and your family." Pfeiffer tells Depp, "Fight on Barnabas, fight on for us", with a scene of ambulance and burning building. The male lead replies, "And fight I shall", as he puts his hands out and blows up building.

During the intense scene, Green urges Depp, "Love me", but he insists, "Never!' She wrestles with Depp as they destroy a room while fighting. The lady then pins the man to the ground and licks his chest and face with her abnormally long tongue. At the end, he sits in the destroyed room and tells her, "That was a regrettable turn of events."

The next scene shows Moretz saying, "I guess the only thing missing is Alice Cooper." Depp answers, "She [Alice] should be our guest." Then it cuts to a scene showing Alice singing and Depp says, "Ugliest woman I've ever seen."

"Dark Shadows" will open wide in the U.S. on May 11. This thriller, which will mark Burton's eighth collaboration with Depp, also stars %cBella Heathcote%, %cThomas McDonell%, %cGulliver McGrath%.

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