Stars Caught in Embarrassing Moments (Part II)

Stars Caught in Embarrassing Moments (Part II)

Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys took a tumble onstage when they were both pregnant while Tila Tequila and Guns N' Roses were pelted by crowd during their performances.
In the second part of the "Embarrassing Moments" list, the focus is shifted to stage acts. Things can get quite embarrassing for performers during their shows. And perhaps, the most humiliating situation that can happen to performers is falling onstage, in front of fans and media covering their performances.

Mariah Carey left her fans in worry after falling in the middle of her performance while she was carrying her first child. Meanwhile, Tila Tequila nursed a bruised ego after audiences of a festival where she performed showered her with bottles and stone rocks.

Falling Onstage

Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys Falling Onstage Falling onstage is almost never listed in a concert's rundown, but somehow it happened to some artists. Carey who was at that time expecting her first child took a tumble when she performed in Singapore back in September. Joining her in the same kind of mishap was Alicia Keys. The then-pregnant singer stumbled backward and landed on her bottoms when she performed at Essence Music Festival in July.

Rihanna and Taylor Swift Falling Onstage Barbadian singer Rihanna also tripped onstage and fell when running across the stage in her high heels at Le Dome in Marseille in France on April 21. Luckily, nothing serious happened. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift tripped and landed on her bottoms during her "Fearless" concert in Ottawa on May 20.

 Scott Weiland, Steven Tyler and Nick Jonas Falling Onstage Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland, in the meantime, stumbled and fell off an elevated stage during the band's concert at Cincinnati's Riverbend Music Center while Steven Tyler suffered the onstage fall after his fellow Aerosmith, Joe Perry, knocked him with his hip at their Toronto gig. In October, Nick Jonas had the same mishap during Jonas Brothers concert in Mexico City. Nick literally hit the floor after failing to do a front flip.

Things Got Nasty Onstage

Tila Tequila Things Got Nasty Onstage Unlike celebrities who have been mentioned above, what happened below left these stars felt not only embarrassed but also upset and assaulted. Performers like Tila Tequila and MGMT drummer Will Berman are two among celebrities who suffered ordeal during their time onstage. At the gathering of the Juggalos in rural Hardin County, Illinois in early August, Tila suffered from cut and burn after thrown by audience with beer bottles and stone rocks.

Will Berman and Guns N' Roses Things Got Nasty Onstage As for Will, he was assaulted as he was hit in the torso by a glass of urine at MGMT's Manchester, England show in late September. Things happened to Tila and Will were also experienced by Guns N' Roses. Due to their lateness at a concert in Dublin, Ireland on September 1, the band were booed by awaiting fans who later pelted them with bottles.

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