Comic Con 2010: 'Dexter' Trailer Description and Discussion

Comic Con 2010: 'Dexter' Trailer Description and Discussion

Dexter's alibi on the day Rita got murdered may not be enough evidence to stop him from being accused as the killer.
The highlight of "Dexter" panel at the San Diego Comic Con on Thursday, July 22 was the trailer of season 5. The footage unfortunately is not available to be embedded for online publication due to unfinished music copyright.

In the trailer, Dexter finds his son Harrison lying in a pool of blood, trigerring his childhood memory when he was found in similar situation. But most shockingly, the serial killer gets out of the house and tells the police "It was me". This sort of confession was not explained further for the trailer jumps to Astor and Cody asking about their mother.

"Where were you?!" Astor yells at Dexter upon learning that her mother was killed. "You should have been there to protect her. That was your job. I wish you were dead. ...You ruined everything, and now every time I look at you I get so angry 'cause it was all just a lie."

Quinn suspects Dexter killing Rita. Later in his explanation, Michael C. Hall said, "The spouse is always the first person that people look to, but he does potentially have another alibi." However, Eliott the neighbor makes it worse by testifying that Dexter often leaves the house at odd hours.

Deb meanwhile takes over Rita's role taking care of the baby but she does have suspicion. There's a glimpse of Rita in a coffin and a sketch of a suspect named Kyle Butler. For fans of the show, they would understand that Dexter's secret life is in danger for Kyle is the alias he used in season 3 when alluding John Lithgow's Trinity. It ends with Dexter letting out a primal scream while stabbing his victim over and over.

Denying that the new season would be much about the baby, new showrunner Chip Johannessen said, "This is an adult origin story in a way. This is not something that happened to him when he was three years old. We don't continue the facts of season four for very long, but this set of events he brought on himself very much permeate season five."

In further explanation he said, "We were left with this amazing event at the end of season four. We felt like we had a starting point and where it goes from there surprised us and hope it will surprise you ...[Dexter is in] a much more ragged place, and this thing that calmed him and brought him peace isn't working so well anymore."

Hall chimed in, "There's an inexpressible, unquenchable vengeance alive in Dexter now because of the fact that he killed Trinity and allowed him to express a sense of kinship and a sense of mercy only to discover the guy had done in his wife. And he can't bring Trinity back to life and kill him again, so he has to find other victims. The appetite remains."

Rita's place in Dexter's heart will not be replaced soon although Hall indeed confirmed that Julia Stiles' character will be "intimate" with him at one point. Also, there will be no big villain in the fifth season. Instead they will have a number of baddies although not weekly.

There's a bootleg version of the trailer that came out hours after the panel.

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