Comic Con 2010: 'Anti-Heroes of Showtime' Panel Plus Footage

Comic Con 2010: 'Anti-Heroes of Showtime' Panel Plus Footage

David Duchovny, Paul Schulze, Mary-Louise Parker and Michael C. Hall team up in one panel to give a glimpse of their respective shows' new season.
Showtime took over San Diego Comic Con by storm on Thursday, July 22 by having back to back panels at Ballroom 20 for "Our Heroes Have More Fun: the Anti-Heroes of Showtime" and "Dexter". To begin the former panel, the moderator introduced the lead actors of "Dexter", "Weeds", "Californication" and "Nurse Jackie".

David Duchovny was the first to talk about his character as truth teller on "Californication", followed by Paul Schulze from "Jackie", Mary-Louise Parker from "Weeds" and finally Michael C. Hall from "Dexter". The talk then moved to a screening of each show's promo footage.

"Jackie" did not offer much from the third season because the footage is a compilation of season 1 and 2. But producer Linda Wallem said that it would be an interesting season because Jackie has been busted. One question remains though, what will happen to her now and those around her. The show will not return until early next year.

"Californication" on the other hand is abundant in new footage and new faces. Viewers get the first look of Rob Lowe as Brad Pitt-like actor who wants to option Hank's book for a movie and also Carla Gugino as Hank's criminal defense attorney. No sight of Tommy Lee who is supposed to play himself yet. Like "Jackie", the show will only return in 2011.

The footage for "Weeds" is generally the same to the ones released by Showtime a few days back, with a bit extra side. The Botwins are on the run from Esteban's men after Shane smacked Pilar on the head. They change identity to the Newmans and get a job as hotel staff. Parker said it is tough to play the drug dealer role because she is a mother herself. "Weeds" premieres Monday, August 16.

"Dexter" which footage was most anticipated started where it left off, Dexter finding out Rita had been killed and their son lying on her puddle of blood. The first thing that he said was "It was me". It mainly deals with Dexter telling Rita's kids that their mother is gone and him being suspected of killing Rita. This is worsened by their neighbor who says Dexter often comes and goes during dark hours. "Normally having a target would make me feel good now it means nothing," Dexter said. "Dexter" premieres Sunday, September 26.

All the footage have been released by Showtime a few hours after the panel, except the one for "Dexter" which is kept a secret. But a glimpse of the killer show is included in the compiled footage for the "Anti Heroes" shows.
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