New Poster of 'H2: Halloween 2' and Update by Rob Zombie

While the new poster of 'H2: Halloween 2' sheds more human side of Michael Myers, Rob Zombie clarifies that the killer will still put the mask on most of the time.

AceShowbiz - Another poster of "H2: Halloween 2" has been unveiled through director Rob Zombie's MySpace. The one-sheet in a blue shade gives a more up-close shot of Michael Myers, the villain who is made more human-like than other "Halloween" series.

The subject of Myers being unmasked for 70|percent| of the movie has also been clarified by Zombie who told Slash Film that it is an utter "bullshit". He explained, "It is total bullshit. See, I think Wayne Toth [SFX] said [70|percent| mask-less] when you guys were down on the set. Wayne wasn't bullshitting you, but that was taken out of context, and to an extreme [online]."

"We've filmed so much stuff and at this point nobody but me knows what we're going to use or not use. There are more shots of Michael Myers running around in his mask in this movie than in any of the other movies. I don't think anybody has to worry. Yeah. Michael Myers never looked so good."

Recounting the story of Myers' return to Haddonfield, Illinois, "H2: Halloween 2" will see the masked serial killer taking care of some unfinished family business. But the town's got an unlikely new hero, if they can only stay alive long enough to stop the unstoppable. The horror will invade U.S. theaters on August 28 this year.

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