Death Won't Fall on Mr. Big in 'Sex and the City'

Death Won't Fall on Mr. Big in 'Sex and the City'

Putting an end to the hyphened speculation of Mr. Big's death in the upcoming 'Sex and the City' movie, director Michael Patrick King insisted that Carrie's longterm lover won't be left lifeless.
Since Cynthia Nixon hinted on April 15 that one of the characters in the highly anticipated "Sex and the City" movie is going to die, many speculations on who will be left lifeless have been the big topic and some fans fear that there is a big fat chance that the one is Mr. Big. However, for those who oppose the Big's death can now breathe free as director Michael Patrick King has ruled out the possibility.

Throwing water on the escalating fire, King confessed that there is no way that he would kill the character loved by many women around the world. "Kill Mr. Big? I would have been chased around the planet by women with torches," said the Emmy-winning helmer. "I did want an emotional roller-coaster, but my ultimate target was to make our girlfriends - in other words, our audience - happy. And I don't think Mr. Big dying would make them happy." The writer of "Will & Grace" then added, "It's a summer movie. Why would I want to kill anyone?"

Though further admitting that the idea of killing Carrie's longtime lover has been brought up earlier, King believes that it would do the movie justice. "I had somebody who was very big in the fashion business and one of her pitches to me was, 'Mr. Big should die!' I think people wanted it to be more than cocktails and jokes," he explained. "People thought, 'If you come back, come back with a big story, but, somehow, this rumour got started that somebody died in the movie."

The rumor of the death of someone in the movie version of the hit HBO series of the same name escalated following Nixon's comment to host Billy Eichner during the Creation Nation comedy show at the Zipper Theater. It then generated many suggestions and speculations throughout the cyberspace, including Big's death as well as Charlotte's. The latter speculation has been brought up by New York Magazine that claimed the conservative socialite may get a freak tennis accident which cost her life.

Regardless whether any character may end up dead in the end of the movie or not, "Sex and the City" is coming into theaters on May 30. It once again teams up the four notable actresses, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Nixon, for depicting the favorite New Yorkers. Supported also by Chris Noth, Jennifer Hudson, Jason Lewis, David Eigenberg and Evan Handler, it will tell a new adventure faced by the four friends as they come together again.

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