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Win $400 Giveaway from Equinox!

Win $400 Giveaway from Equinox!


Sexiness and confidence are just two of the qualities depicted in Equinox's most recent "By Equinox" campaign. But why limit that feeling to people fortunate enough to already be Equinox members? That's why we're sharing it with the world through a new app that allows anyone to launt confidence and win prizes while they're at it.

In support of their newest campaign featuring imagery shot by Terry Richardson, Equinox has created the Equinox Equimatic.

You've already seen the behind the scenes in the making of the campaign. This is your chance to take part in it. This interactive Facebook tab allow you to turn your own photography into confidence photos and immediately share them with friends. The best of the best photos will be selected to appear in the Equinox Equimatic gallery for all the world to see. Additionally, as users participate, they'll become eligible to receive exclusive rewards from Equinox!

This year, Equinox will be showing everyone how they can be the best of who they are. Confidence is just the beginning.

Congratulation for the winners!

- Arthur Begly, North Versailles, Pa, usa
- Heather N Drye, Zachary, LA, United States