B2K Biography

Despite the members' young age when the band was formed in 2001, B2K had encountered success and fame in such a short time. With their extraordinary skills in singing, dancing, rapping, and songwriting, the group did not find any difficulties to rise as one of the most popular American R&B boy bands. Stood for boys of the new millennium, the band was able to create spirited, spunky, soulful tunes that could be enjoyed universally. "We want to be the kind of group the whole family can listen to and no one has to tell the younger kids to get out of the room," Raz-B, one of B2K's members had once said. "We love school too, and that comes across in our lyrics as a positive message." Although the existence of the band sadly did not last long, its glory undoubtedly will be echoed through the hit songs they had brilliantly produced.

Except for De'mario Monte Thornton or Raz-B (born on June 13, 1985) who came from Cleveland, Ohio, B2K consisted of African-American young boys of Los Angeles-born, namely Omari Ishmael Grandbery or Omarion (born on November 12, 1984), Druex Pierre Fredericks or Lil' Fizz (born November 26, 1985), and Jarell Damonte Houston or J-Boog (born on August 11, 1985). These four aspiring adolescents joined a talent showcase held by Epic Records in Los Angeles and successfully made their way to impress the label's executives. Managed by Chris Stokes, the band started to draw public attention in 2001 through their single entitled 'Uh Huh' while also being an opening act for Bow Wow's U.S. tour.

Beyond their expectation, 'Uh Huh' managed to stay on the top position of Billboard Hot 100 Singles Sales Chart for 10 weeks by January 2002. With this wonderful attainment, the band confidently launched their self-titled album in March. This initial work surprisingly became an instant hit, soaring to reach the second rank on The Billboard 200. In the meantime, one out of its 17 tracks, 'Gots ta Be', satisfyingly entered the top 40 of The Billboard Hot 100. Ultimately certified Gold, the album unquestionably had led the group to achieve popularity as well as commercial success. To everyone's surprise, they quickly came up with their second album entitled 'Pandemonium!' at the end of the year.

Sitting at number ten on The Billboard 200, 'Pandemonium' benefited from its track called 'Bump, Bump, Bump' as the tune turned out to be a massive hit throughout the country. Already the number one song on The Billboard Hot 100, the tune boosted the sale of their sophomore album so that it was granted Platinum status by March 2003. Another track called 'Girlfriend' also became a huge hit, leaping to the 30th rank of the same chart in the following month. By this time, B2K had become extremely busy that they went around U.S. to hold the third part of their Scream Tour. Still in the same year, they ventured into film production, starring alongside Marques Houston and Malcolm David Kelley in 'You Got Served' which was later released in 2004.

While waiting their debut movie to encounter its premiere, the band enthusiastically worked on the soundtrack of this motion picture. Launched in late 2003, the 'You Got Served' soundtrack gained a fair result as it was included in the top 40 of The Billboard 200 and earned second slot on Billboard's Top Soundtracks Chart. Looking on this accomplishment plus the tremendous popularity of B2K, people were certain that the quartet would shine more radiantly in 2004 and continue their unbroken string of success. Sadly, the positive assumption never came to its realization as Stokes shockingly announced that the band had broken up by January 2004. Amid this hurly-burly, 'You Got Served' received its wide release, surprisingly scoring great result of more than $40 million.

Concerning B2K's split, Stokes stated that the personnel decided to break up since they wanted to pursue solo careers. Previously facing an allegation from the three other members who claimed that Stokes' management company, The Ultimate Group (TUG), had done a financial mishandling toward the group, he revealed his intention to be involved in Omarion's individual project. Omarion himself chose to stand by TUG's side for he slammed down his former band mates' accusation. In the meantime, the chairman of CMX, a sports and entertainment company, named Antonio Demetrius Brown confirmed that he was the one who took care the remaining members although it was not clear whether they still carried the name of B2K.

After a month, there had been a report informed that the empty space left by Omarion would be given to Brandy's brother, Ray J. However, the three remaining personnel strongly denied the tidings. Despite the fact that B2K had disbanded, Epic Records managed to launch its 'Greatest Hits' in March 2004. Meanwhile, its ex-members, aside from Omarion who developed a solo career through album 'aO%' in 2005, ultimately decided to carry out their own projects. Raz-B, who later dropped the 'B', came up with 'Revealer of Secrets' which set out to touch the market in fall 2005. Following his two fellows, Lil' Fizz also aimed to have a comeback with his solo album, 'Pay Day' in November of the same year, while teaming up with J-Boog to establish a music label called FBI.