This arrives after the 49-year-old reality TV star claimed she was going to walk away from the show after an incident taking place at a skating rink back in April.

May 23, 2019 16:04

The reason why Jackie Christie revealed she was about to quit "Basketball Wives" has been revealed. A new report suggests that it was because she was severely beaten during the taping for the show's upcoming season 8, prompting the filming to be placed on hold.

A production source spills to MTO News that the incident occurred after Jackie made disparaging comments about Malaysia in front of the latter's family during a skate party last month. "A lot of Malaysia's family was at the [skate] party. And Malaysia comes from a ghetto family, with a lot of gang members and such," explains the insider.

When one of Malaysia's family members heard what Jackie said about the reality TV star, they attacked her. The source adds, "One of Malaysia's cousins heard Jackie talking and beat her up. It was bad, Jackie hit [the back of] her head on the ground."

Jackie was reportedly taken to the hospital and was said to be suffering a possible concussion.

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Back in April, Jackie claimed she was going to walk away from the show after an incident taking place at a skating rink. The 49-year-old posted an cryptic video in which she said, "I got into it at the skating rink. [A lot of people] want me gone. Are you guys gonna continue to watch the show? … If you do, have fun."

"Awe it's been fun bbw season 8 saying bye to all the girls 1 by 1, ya'll continue to support them," Jackie wrote in the caption.

Fans expressed their sadness over the news as one said, "R u kidding? Jackie is basketball wives, she makes the show. The rest of them r boring." Another devastated fan wrote, "She was the funniest person on that show tbh."

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