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Kink Restricted Trailer 2

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A clip/trailer of Kink

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Kink Poster

Release Date :

August 22, 2014 Limited

Studio :

Dark Sky Films

Director :

Christina Voros

Starring :

Princess Donna Dolore, Peter Acworth, Van Darkholme

'If porn were high school, they'd be the goth table.' Director Christina Voros and producer James Franco pull back the curtain on the fetish empire of Kink.com, the Internet's largest producer of BDSM content. In a particularly obscure corner of an industry that operates largely out of public view, Kink.com's directors and models strive for authenticity. In an enterprise often known for exploitative practices, Kink.com upholds an ironclad set of values to foster an environment that is safe, sane, and consensual. They aim to demystify the BDSM lifestyle, and to serve as an example and an educational resource for the BDSM community.

In kink, we discover not only a fascinating and often misunderstood subculture, but also, in a career far from the mainstream, a group of intelligent, charismatic, and driven people who really, truly love what they do.


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