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Maya the Bee Movie International Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Maya the Bee Movie

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Maya the Bee Movie Poster
Maya the Bee Movie

Release Date :

March 08, 2015 Limited

Studio :

Shout! Factory

Director :

Alexs Stadermann, Simon Pickard

Starring :

Coco Jack Gillies, Jacki Weaver, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Noah Taylor

Maya the Bee, based on the children's novel beloved by generations, is now buzzing with new excitement as this fantastically funny and family-friendly film! Maya is a little bee with a big heart. While most bees believe that other insects should be feared, Maya can't help but make friends with Flip the violin-playing grasshopper, Kurt the dung beetle and even Sting, a young hornet. This group of "fearsome" friends causes some bees to avoid Maya. But when the Queen's royal jelly is stolen, it will take Maya and all of her bug buddies to figure out who did it and how to save the day!


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