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The Calling Trailer

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A clip/trailer of The Calling

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The Calling Poster
The Calling

Release Date :

August 29, 2014 Limited

Studio :

Vertical Entertainment

Director :

Jason Stone

Starring :

Susan Sarandon, Topher Grace, Donald Sutherland, Gil Bellows

Detective Inspector Hazel Micallef (Susan Sarandon) is used to leading a quiet life in a small town, with her mother (Ellen Burstyn), her painkillers, and an occasional drink. But when she stops on a routine call to check on a neighbor, she stumbles across a gruesome murder that shatters her peaceful existence. With the help of Detective Ray Greene (Gil Bellows) and a new transfer cop (Topher Grace), she unearths a series of killings across the country with similar, grisly crime scenes. When a local priest (Donald Sutherland) suggests there may be a link to an ancient ritual, Hazel finds herself on the trail of a religious serial killer following a deadly, higher calling. Based on the novel by Inger Ash Wolfe, it's a dark, twisted journey to the shadowy landscape between faith and fear.


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