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Mining for Ruby Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Mining for Ruby

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Mining for Ruby Poster
Mining for Ruby

Release Date :

August 01, 2014 VOD

Studio :

Gravitas Ventures

Director :

Laura Zoe Quist

Starring :

Daniel Ponickly, Antoinette Kalaj, Mischa Barton, Billy Zane

"Mining for Ruby" stars Daniel Ponickly as a widower named Jack who's in a downward spiral of depression, and Antoinette Kalaj is Ruby, a grad student studying environmental engineering in the 49th state.

After incessant persuading from his sister (Mischa Barton), Jack finally leaves the cozy confines of his cabin in Alaska and luckily meets and falls quickly for Ruby. However, this love story is not destined to be an easy one - she not only has a psycho ex (Jonathan Bennett) who likes a good scrap but Ruby also throws the whole town into a tizzy when, against the advice of her professor (Billy Zane), she inadvertently gets embroiled in a poisonous waste crisis.


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