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Ragnarok US Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Ragnarok

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Ragnarok Poster

Release Date :

August 15, 2014 Limited

Studio :

Magnet Releasing

Director :

Mikkel Braenne Sandemose

Starring :

Pal Sverre Hagen, Nicolai Cleve Broch, Sofia Helin, Bjorn Sundquist

Archeologist Sigurd Svendsen (Pal Sverre Hagen) has for years been obsessed with the Oseberg Viking ship. The only inscription found on the ship is the enigmatic 'man knows little' written in runes. Sigurd is sure that the Oseberg ship contains the answer to the mystery of Ragnarok, the end of days in Norse mythology. When his friend Allan finds similar runes on a stone from the north of Norway, Sigurd becomes convinced that the runes are in fact a treasure map. Together they mount an expedition group and their adventure leads to "No man's Land" between Norway and Russia, which has been deserted for decades. Here Sigurd learns the true meaning of the runes - a secret more terrifying than he could possibly imagine.


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