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The Last Time You Had Fun Clip 2

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A clip/trailer of The Last Time You Had Fun

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The Last Time You Had Fun Poster
The Last Time You Had Fun

Release Date :

June 14, 2014 LA Film Festival

Studio :

Last Time Pictures

Director :

Mo Perkins

Starring :

Demetri Martin, Kyle Bornheimer, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Eliza Coupe

"If anybody in the history of the planet needs a night out, it's the four of us". With those words, four thirty-somethings embark on a night of misadventure and half-baked debauchery in Mo Perkins' reluctantly grown up comedy.

When Ida, cheeks streaked by mascara tears, unexpectedly shows up at her sister's, the staid Alison bargains her way out of mom duty for the night and the two head off to an Eastside wine bar. There, they run into Will and the freshly divorced, sweatpants-attired Clark. After some slightly inebriated commiserating about mismanaged marriages and other adult concerns, the foursome head out into the night, careening from downtown lofts to pot dispensaries to midnight swims and back again, determined to prove they still have what it takes to have a good time.


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