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A Short History of Decay Clip 'At the Bar'

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A clip/trailer of A Short History of Decay

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A Short History of Decay Poster
A Short History of Decay

Release Date :

May 16, 2014 Limited

Studio :

ARC Entertainment

Director :

Michael Maren

Starring :

Bryan Greenberg, Kathleen Rose Perkins, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Linda Lavin

It follows Nathan Fisher (Bryan Greenberg of "Prime" and "One Tree Hill"), a thirtysomething Brooklyn hipster whose ambitious girlfriend (Emmanuelle Chriqui) leaves him after his writing career stalls. Nathan soon gets a call from his brother in Florida that their father (Harris Yulin) has been hospitalized. Nathan arrives home to find his father recovering, if grouchy, and his mother (Linda Lavin) in a hazy state. While there, he meets his mother's manicurist (Kathleen Rose Perkins), the polar opposite of his girlfriend, but perhaps what he needs to recover.


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