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Super Duper Alice Cooper Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Super Duper Alice Cooper

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Super Duper Alice Cooper Poster
Super Duper Alice Cooper

Release Date :

April 30, 2014 Limited

Studio :

Banger Films

Director :

Sam Dunn , Reginald Harkema, Scot McFadyen

Starring :

Alice Cooper, Sheryl Cooper, Elton John, Iggy Pop

"Super Duper Alice Cooper" is the twisted tale of a teenage Dr Jekyll whose rock n roll Mr Hyde almost kills him. It is the story of Vincent Furnier, preacher's son, who struck fear into the hearts of parents as Alice Cooper, the ultimate rock star of the bizarre. From the advent of Alice as front man for a group of Phoenix freaks in the 60s to the hazy decadence of celebrity in the 70s to his triumphant comeback as 80s glam metal godfather, we will watch as Alice and Vincent battle for each others' souls. The film is the first ever 'doc opera' - a dizzying blend of documentary archive footage, animation and rock opera that will cement forever the legend of Alice Cooper.


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