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The Mend Opening Scene

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A clip/trailer of The Mend

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The Mend Poster
The Mend

Release Date :

March 09, 2014 SXSW Film Festival

Studio :

Cinelicious Pics

Director :

John Magary

Starring :

Josh Lucas, Stephen Plunkett, Lucy Owen, Cory Nichols

One night in Harlem, sour, aging Mat reunites with his younger brother Alan, just before Alan heads out for a long-planned vacation with his live-in girlfriend Farrah. Only days later, much sooner than expected, Alan returns home from his vacation to find his apartment commandeered by Mat, Mat's girlfriend, and Mat's girlfriend's son. As doors slam and the power gives out and the threads of family fray, a mystery lingers: why has Alan returned home without Farrah?


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