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Dr. Cabbie Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Dr. Cabbie

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Dr. Cabbie Poster
Dr. Cabbie

Release Date :

September 19, 2014 Limited

Studio :

Entertainment One Films

Director :

Jean-Francois Poulliot

Starring :

Vinay Virmani, Adrianne Palicki, Kunal Nayyar, Lillete Dubey

When new immigrant Dr. Deepak Chopra discovers his Indian medical degree isn't recognized in Canada, he starts driving a cab. One night, he heroically delivers a passenger (Natalie's) baby in his backseat. Footage of the delivery accidentally goes viral. Now famous, Deepak gets nicknamed 'Dr. Cabbie' as passengers flock to his cab for treatment.

Deepak gives suicidal teen Zarah, antidepressants. She overdoses. Natalie's jealous ex-boyfriend gets Deepak arrested. He now faces imprisonment, deportation and losing Natalie. Ironically, it's selflessly helping others that's got him into the fight of his life.

Will 'Dr. Cabbie' emerge triumphant, or lose it all?


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