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The Right Kind of Wrong Clip 'Afraid of Heights'

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A clip/trailer of The Right Kind of Wrong

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The Right Kind of Wrong Poster
The Right Kind of Wrong

Release Date :

March 14, 2014 Limited

Studio :

Magnolia Pictures

Director :

Jeremiah Chechick

Starring :

Ryan Kwanten, Sara Canning, Ryan McPartlin, Catherine O'Hara

Leo Palamino has dedicated his life to what some may call impossible dreams. At least his ex-wife Julie would call them that. But Leo is an expert at not listening to her criticism or anyone else's for that matter because Leo is a stubborn romantic... An idealist. A dreamer. It is precisely this refusal to listen to criticism that drove his ex-wife Julie to blog about Leo's flaws as their relationship broke down. A blog called "Why You Suck" that would become a cultural phenomenon. And so when we meet Leo Palamino, he is a romantic dreamer, a dedicated writer, a dishwasher in a tourist trap, and a celebrity... Then one afternoon, as the very dejected Leo watches Julie being interviewed on a talk show about her upcoming book, he lays eyes on the woman of his (impossible) dreams... Colette is on her way into a wedding across the street from Leo's house. Her wedding.


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