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The Last Beat Clip 1

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A clip/trailer of The Last Beat

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The Last Beat Poster
The Last Beat

Release Date :

TBA 2014

Studio :

Alterity Films

Director :

Robert Saitzyk

Starring :

Shawn Andrews, Cameron Richardson, Virginie Ledoyen, Martha Higareda

"The Last Beat" follows the final days of Jay Douglas, famous American rock star, in a turbulent, but exhilarating early 70's Paris. Inspired by the last days of rock and pop culture icon Jim Morrison, this fictional take is not in any way a traditional biopic, but a lyrical study of a brilliant, complex, and troubled soul. Tragic and comedic, at the film's core are Jay's broken, but passionate relationships with the two women in his life -- Clemence, a glamorous Countess, and his professed "soul-mate," Valerie Eason, an earthy red-haired beauty from golden California.


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