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At Middleton Clip 'Lunch'

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A clip/trailer of At Middleton

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At Middleton Poster
At Middleton

Release Date :

January 31, 2014 Limited

Studio :

Anchor Bay Films

Director :

Adam Rogers

Starring :

Andy Garcia, Vera Farmiga, Spencer Lofranco, Taissa Farmiga

It's not only teenagers who find themselves when they go off to college. Two brilliant actors best known for dramatic roles join forces in a romantic romp, and they have a ball. Vera Farmiga and Andy Garcia play strangers who meet while escorting their teen children to campus-tour day at a mythical college named Middleton (the film is in part a hilarious parody of American college life).

Farmiga unleashes her comedic skills as Edith, a shockingly honest character who's so far out at the end of her rope that she can't take anything seriously. Garcia, in spectacles and bow tie, plays George, a hyper-fastidious heart surgeon so self-controlled that he insists on backing into parking slots. They clash immediately, ditch the tour and through a series of escapades find themselves sliding helplessly into love and something far more than they ever imagined.


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