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Life of a King Clip 'Visiting Prison'

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A clip/trailer of Life of a King

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Life of a King Poster
Life of a King

Release Date :

January 17, 2014 Limited

Studio :

Millennium Entertainment

Director :

Jake Goldberger

Starring :

Cuba Gooding Jr., Malcolm Mays, Richard T. Jones, Paula Jai Parker

After being incarcerated for eighteen years, Eugene Brown made an unexpected move. He established a Chess Club for inner-city high school students in Washington D.C. where, amidst dwindling educational resources, over-policing and a looming drug economy, it can be near impossible for youth to find their way to a whole and happy adulthood. Brown resolved to teach young people the fundamentals of chess but it was never just a game for them. For Brown and his students, chess became a matter of survival.


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