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Miley: The Movement Clip 'Right Beside Her'

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A clip/trailer of Miley: The Movement

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Miley: The Movement Poster
Miley: The Movement

Release Date :

October 02, 2013 TV Premiere

Studio :


Director :

Paul Bozymowski

Starring :

Miley Cyrus, Tish Cyrus, Noah Cyrus, Britney Spears

In this one-hour documentary, superstar Miley Cyrus allows unprecedented access into her extraordinary life as she rises to the challenge of presenting a new and sometimes controversial persona to the public. As a teenage star, Miley amassed millions of passionate international fans who followed her every move. Three years later, she attempts to shed her previous image while embracing music full time. Whether in the studio, at a performance, or on the set of her latest music video, Miley exudes the confidence of a creative young woman in a period of radical self-discovery who still inspires legions of admirers while confronting her critics. Ultimately, the film is an intimate portrait that captures Miley's exuberantand spirited life, her evolving identity, and her exciting transformation into amusic icon.


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