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Snake and Mongoose Clip 'Starting Line'

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A clip/trailer of Snake and Mongoose

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Snake and Mongoose Poster
Snake and Mongoose

Release Date :

September 06, 2013 Limited

Studio :

Entertainment Universe

Director :

Wayne Holloway

Starring :

Jesse Williams, Noah Wyle, Richard Blake, Ian Ziering

SNAKE & MONGOOSE, the MOVIE, tells the story of one of the greatest rivalries in sports history, and of the groundbreaking accomplishments of Don 'the Snake' Prudhomme and Tom 'the Mongoose' McEwen in the world of entertainment sports marketing and sponsorship.

It is the inspiring tale of two revolutionaries whose battles on the track stood in stark contrast to deep and profound friendship they experienced off it. Set in the heyday of drag racing, the Snake & Mongoose Movie brings to life all of the colorful characters and legendary races that defined the times.


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