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She Loves Me Not Clip 'Thats What I Want'

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A clip/trailer of She Loves Me Not

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She Loves Me Not Poster
She Loves Me Not

Release Date :

September 02, 2014 Limited

Studio :

Rex Productions

Director :

Brian Jun, Jack Sanderson

Starring :

Cary Elwes, Lisa Edelstein, Briana Evigan, Caitlin Keats

Cary Elwes stars as Brady Olinson, a famous reclusive novelist whose drinking undermines his plans at reviving his career and saving his mansion. The story unfolds in three vignettes, each a different genre and each featuring strong women with their own agendas whom Brady can't resist. Charlotte, Brady's young assistant, creates drama when she puts her foot down on Brady's lies. Beth and Amy bring Brady a chance at happiness through romance while Marcy and Karla take Brady down a dark path to the worst day of his life.


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