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Patrick International Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Patrick

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Patrick Poster

Release Date :

March 14, 2014 Limited

Studio :

Phase 4 Films

Director :

Mark Hartley

Starring :

Sharni Vinson, Jackson Gallagher, Rachel Griffiths, Charles Dance

Patrick is a sophisticated thriller that begins with the mysterious disappearance of a nurse at a remote private clinic. Kathy takes up the vacant position and is thrust into the formidable company of Matron Cassidy and Dr. Sebastian Roget, a renegade neurologist operating at the fringes of medical society. Kathy is soon put to work caring for a mysterious coma patient simply known as Patrick. Unbeknownst to the young nurse, Patrick has a crush on her, and burgeoning psychic powers and before long his affection will turn into a deadly and bloody obsession.


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