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Mr. Pip International Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Mr. Pip

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Mr. Pip Poster
Mr. Pip

Release Date :

November 07, 2014 Limited

Studio :

Freestyle Releasing

Director :

Andrew Adamson

Starring :

Hugh Laurie, Kerry Fox, Eka Darville, Florence Korokoro

Set against the backdrop of civil war in Bougainville, Mr. Pip stars Golden Globe-winner Hugh Laurie (House) as the enigmatic teacher Mr. Watts who reads to his pupils from Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations". Matilda, a 14-year-old student played by newcomer Xzannjah, is transported by her imagination and the world of Dickens, becoming transfixed by the characters and Mr Watts' interpretation of the story. The film also stars Healsville Joel, Eka Darville and Kerry Fox. A wonderful tale of the imaginative power of story that reveals that on an island at war, fiction can have dangerous consequences.


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