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A Case of You Clip 'Eliot Finds Smitten Sam'

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A clip/trailer of A Case of You

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A Case of You Poster
A Case of You

Release Date :

November 06, 2013 Limited

Studio :

IFC Films

Director :

Kat Coiro

Starring :

Justin Long, Evan Rachel Wood, Sienna Miller, Vince Vaughn

Young writer Sam has a crush on Birdie, the cute and quirky barista at his local coffee shop. When his conventional attempts to woo her crash and burn, he takes his efforts online, creating an Internet profile embellished with all of the details that would make him Birdie's dream guy: ballroom dancing, rock climbing, a seemingly endless, escalating series of wacky and unlikely hobbies. When the harebrained scheme is a surprise success and Birdie falls for his exaggerated alter ego, Sam must keep up the act or lose his dream girl forever.


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