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In Lieu of Flowers Trailer

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A clip/trailer of In Lieu of Flowers

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In Lieu of Flowers Poster
In Lieu of Flowers

Release Date :

TBA 2013

Studio :

Patina Pictures

Director :

William Savage

Starring :

Josh Pence, Spencer Grammer, Nathan Corddry, Bonnie Swencionis

Most love stories are about finding love or losing it. This is a story about what happens in between. It follows Eric (Josh Pence) and Rachel (Spencer Grammer), two strangers on the heels of heartbreak. Much to the concern of their closest friends (Nate Corddry and Melissa Rauch), Eric and Rachel, still reeling from their respective losses, are finding it difficult to move on. But after a chance meeting between the two, everything starts to change. They embark on an unconventional friendship that guides them out of their respective ruts, but ultimately becomes more complicated as it develops into something more. Through it all, we accompany Eric and Rachel as they awkwardly - and, often times, comically - navigate the uniquely ambiguous space between losing love and finding it again.


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