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One Life UK Trailer

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A clip/trailer of One Life

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One Life Poster
One Life

Release Date :

February 21, 2013 Limited

Studio :


Director :

Michael Gunton, Martha Holmes

Starring :

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig narrates this feature-length BBC wildlife documentary celebrating the diversity and tenacity of life on earth. Edited together from some 10,000 hours of footage from the BBC's natural history archives, the film focuses on the cyclical journey taken by all living things, from their own birth to the moment they deliver youngsters of their own and the next generation is born.

"One Life" is a celebration of life and brings some of the most brilliant and imaginative stories from the animal kingdom to the big screen. The story takes us through the full life cycle from birth, to the birth of the next generation, but it also goes one step further - revealing that, whether we have wings or flippers, two legs or eight, the triumphant story of life connects us all.

Finding food. Seeking shelter. Survival against all odds. Finding a soul mate. Raising young. The themes of "One Life" are universal and will touch the hearts of audiences everywhere. Cutting edge cinematic techniques capture unprecedented, astonishingly beautiful sequences.

Relevant, engaging but above all, amazing - this is "One Life".


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