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The Look of Love Clip 'Audition'

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A clip/trailer of The Look of Love

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The Look of Love Poster
The Look of Love

Release Date :

July 05, 2013 Limited

Studio :

IFC Films

Director :

Michael Winterbottom

Starring :

Steve Coogan, Anna Friel, Imogen Poots, Matt Lucas

Steve Coogan and director Michael Winterbottom ("24 Hour Party People" and "The Trip") continue their fruitful partnership with this epic portrait of the rise and fall of British nudie theater impresario Paul Raymond. The symbol of Soho, sex and sophistication from the swinging 60s to the 80s, Raymond almost single-handedly rewrote the cultural history of the UK with an empire of topless theaters and softcore magazines that would eventually make him the richest man in the country. Although often wryly funny, Coogan gives a touching dramatic performance that explores the champagne-soaked highs and the heartbreaking lows of a voyeuristic visionary.


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