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Officer Down Clip 'Remember Me'

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A clip/trailer of Officer Down

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Officer Down Poster
Officer Down

Release Date :

January 18, 2013 Limited

Studio :

Anchor Bay Films

Director :

Brian A. Miller

Starring :

Stephen Dorff, David Boreanaz, Stephen Lang, Dominic Purcell

One year ago, dirty cop Detective Callahan (Stephen Dorff) was shot in a drug bust gone wrong, and saved by an anonymous stranger who gave him a second chance to clean up his life. But when the stranger finally comes forward, seeking revenge against the men responsible for a string of assaults on young women at a local strip club, Callahan must go rogue to find the attacker, in an effort to hide how his past played a part in these crimes. His desperation to find the attacker, and cover his tracks, takes him down a violent road of deception, cover-ups and fraud. Can he play the "good cop" and track down the assailant, while still keeping his reputation clean?


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