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Help for the Holidays Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Help for the Holidays

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Help for the Holidays Poster
Help for the Holidays

Release Date :

December 09, 2012 TV Premiere

Studio :

Hallmark Channel

Director :

Bradford May

Starring :

Summer Glau, Eva La Rue, Mason Cook, Dan Gauthier

Although she loves Christmas, Santa’s elf Christine (Summer Glau) wonders if there could be more to life than making toys in the North Pole. When Santa receives an emergency wish from a little boy in Los Angeles, he puts Christine on a special assignment, sending her to L.A. to give the VanCamp family-mom Sara (Eva La Rue), dad Scott (Dan Gauthier), and their two kids Ally (Izabela Vidovic) and Will (Mason Cook)-a holiday wake-up call. Will Christine fail her assignment and be sent back to the North Pole for good, or will the VanCamps come to their senses about the meaning of Christmas?


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