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Flying Lessons Official Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Flying Lessons

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Flying Lessons Poster
Flying Lessons

Release Date :

December 07, 2012 Limited

Studio :

New Films Cinema

Director :

Derek Magyar

Starring :

Maggie Grace, Cary Elwes, Jonathan Tucker, Joanna Cassidy

With her life at a crossroads, 25 year-old Sophie Conway (Maggie Grace) returns home to the small town she always wanted to forget.

Once home, she is faced with the friends and lovers she left behind such as the handsome Billy (Jonathan Tucker), a tangled relationship with her mother Carolyn (Christine Lahti), and Harry Pleasant (Hal Holbrook), an Alzheimer's Disease patient who, in an opposing way, shares Sophie's struggle to remember.


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dwayne bonello this is consuved me and its boring and i will not see it this movie and i will give 1stars its boring movie!

posted by dwayne bonello on Nov 10, 2012