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A Few Best Men (Clip 'Best Man's Speech')

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Promo Video : A Few Best Men (Clip 'Best Man's Speech')

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A Few Best Men Poster
A Few Best Men

Release Date :

August 31, 2012 UK

Studio :

Arclight Films

Director :

Stephan Elliott

Starring :

Xavier Samuel, Kevin Bishop, Kris Marshall, Rebel Wilson

When English lad David announces he is getting married to an Australian, his hapless mates give a whole new meaning to the phrase 'for better or worse'! The chaos-filled wedding day tests their new marriage, challenges David's relationships with his three best men, and risks turning what should be the best day of their lives into the worst.

"A Few Best Men" is a hilarious culture clash between his friends and her family - because blood is thicker than water, and so are David's mates!


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