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And While We Were Here Clip 'On the Boat'

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A clip/trailer of And While We Were Here

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And While We Were Here Poster
And While We Were Here

Release Date :

September 13, 2013 Limited

Studio :

Well Go USA

Director :

Kat Coiro

Starring :

Kate Bosworth, Iddo Goldberg, Claire Bloom, Jamie Blackley

Set in the lush hills and cobbled streets of the Amalfi Coast, Jane (Kate Bosworth, "Blue Crush") is searching for something more from her life. She loves her husband (Iddo Goldberg), but the silence between them is growing. Her work, writing her grandmother's memoir (voiced by Claire Bloom), immerses her in the quiet beauty of the town, its islands...and finally, in the romantic embrace of a younger man (Jamie Blackley). Jane must decide where her passions will take her, and who she really wants to be, as she documents the discoveries of "And While We Were Here".


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