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Last Ride (Trailer)

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Promo Video : Last Ride (Trailer)

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Last Ride Poster
Last Ride

Release Date :

June 29, 2012 Limited

Studio :

Music Box Films

Director :

Glendyn Ivin

Starring :

Hugo Weaving, Tom Russell, Anita Hegh, John Brumpton

Shot in stunning widescreen cinematography, "Last Ride" is a heartbreaking road movie through the ravishing, remote and rugged South Australian outback as ex-jailbird fugitive father Kev (Hugo Weaving, in a tender and bravura performance) takes his 10-year old son Chook (newcomer Tom Russell) on the run from the law.

Based on Denise Young's acclaimed novel, "Last Ride" is the riveting and morally complex portrayal of a brutal yet loving petty criminal struggling with parenthood. As father and son journey into the outback and an unknown future, they pit themselves against the elements and each other. In order to survive, Chook will have to make a choice between what he knows to be right and the love of his father, a decision which will have devastating consequences on both of their lives.


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