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The Aggression Scale Clip 'Hitmen'

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A clip/trailer of The Aggression Scale

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The Aggression Scale Poster
The Aggression Scale

Release Date :

March 10, 2012 Southwest FF

Studio :

Anchor Bay Entertainment

Director :

Steven C. Miller

Starring :

Ray Wise, Dana Ashbrook, Derek Mears, Jacob Reynolds

When out-on-bail mob boss Bellavance (Ray Wise) discovers that $500,000 of his money is missing, he sends four hardcore hit men (including Dana Ashbrook and Derek Mears) to send a 'loud and messy' message to the suspected thieves' families. But when the killers invade the Rutledge home, they'll meet the household's emotionally disturbed young son Owen (Ryan Hartwig).

Owen has a history of violent behavior, knows how to make lethal booby-traps and is about to teach these thugs some deadly lessons in extreme vengeance. Fabianne Therese co-stars in the savage thriller that IndieWire called'like Home Alone with more death!'


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